Kenya-Missions-Discipleship-2nd Chance Ministry
We have the following opportunities to Volunteer:
Ministry 1​: A Ministry one volunteer is one who learns servanthood through food preparation and serving the homeless and those of meager means. If you can use a toaster and a microwave you are qualified. You will also have the opportunity to observe those who give their testimonies, those who also lead prayer and bible study.
Ministry 2​: A ministry 2 volunteer does everything involved in ministry 1 and in addition learns how to effectively share their testimony. If you are not comfortable in sharing your story we will train you in doing so.
Ministry 3​: A ministry volunteer does what Ministry 1 and 2 volunteers do as well as lead prayer and bible study. We have training for you if you are not comfortable leading prayer and bible study.
Assistants Outreach Directors​: You will be trained and utilized in resourcing donations and building strategic community relationships.
Homeless Coalition Outreach Director​: This individual will be our representative to the Homeless Coalition. This group meets once a month. It includes state agencies, Kootenai Health, Law Enforcement Representatives, State Legislatures, State Social Work Representatives, Department of health and Welfare, and Saint Vincent DePaul Representatives. 
Adopt a Meal: ​You can adopt a meal a month, or adopt a meal for a particular day of the week. Let us know which day you would like to adopt. Make breakfast at home bring it in warm or we can warm up for you. Some suggestions: Breakfast meat (bacon, sausage, etc.) An egg casserole for example. 208­-449-­3445
All positions are volunteer​.